Nelson Photographer Sarnim Dean specialises in landscape, sports and people imagery. He also produces video and writes for various publications on topics ranging from fatherhood to photography to mountain biking.

Through his photographs and writing, Sarnim endeavours to convey a sense of adventure and the essence of his experience.

Sarnim has lived in Auckland for most of his life, recently moving to the top of the South Island for the lifestyle and scenery, in which he finds ample photographic inspiration. His spare time is taken up with his young family and competitive mountain biking.

Sarnim describes his approach: “I like to have a relaxed, upbeat environment when photographing people. It’s important to think laterally, look for opportunities and sometimes deviate from the script.. the results can be priceless (see here)”

Sarnim’s photographic work can be purchased as prints (examples below). They can also be viewed on Flickr, or you can connect with him on Google+ or Facebook.


Email for any enquiries.
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Sarnim Dean, August 2019
Sarnim Dean