Burning down the House (1:25)

The Blenheim Fire Service test their training by torching a house in a controlled environment

Outward Bound (3:23)

I attended Outward Bound 17 years ago, back in 2002. So, when I got the opportunity to return (as part of a photography group), I jumped at the chance. It’s amazing how little seems to have changed, and I was even lucky enough to meet an old instructor of mine.
The school was very generous¬†in allowing the photographers access, and thanks to Simon Woolf for arranging.¬†Here’s some footage from the day:

Outward Bound 2002Outward Bound Journal

The 150km magnificient Central Otago Rail Trail (6:30)

NZ’s most beautiful island – The South (4:10)

The East Cape – isolated, untouched, and completely in its own time (1:39)

Mt Cook National Park (0:58)