Sarnim Dean is a photographer and media creator based in Nelson, New Zealand.

“My goal is to capture the  wonder of the surroundings that I am lucky enough to call home. We are all caretakers as we journey through this land. Through my images, I hope to heighten the awareness of what we have been blessed with.”

Sarnim passion also extends to Real Estate Photography, with his work viewable here.

Previously a Visual Journalist for, Sarnim’s expeditions now involve travelling to hard to reach locations, often with his young family. “Because I like to be mobile, I use micro four thirds equipment which enables me to respond quickly to changing conditions, whilst being highly robust and providing good image quality. For instances where portability is not important, out comes the heavy duty Canon gear.”

His photographic work is also on Instagram or Flickr. 

Email for any enquiries.

Sarnim Dean, 2024