Age Concern

Supporting the older members of our communities

In a rapidly shifting world one thing will never change; every one of us is getting older. So it’s nice to know that there are organisations out there like Age Concern, a charity that’s dedicated to the needs of people over 65. One of the components of Age Concern is their visiting service. This is where someone visits an elderly person on a regular basis, usually in their home.

I’ve been an Age Concern visitor on and off for a while now, and have been visiting my current ‘client’, Sarah* for two years. Our relationship has grown stronger over those years. During my visits I’ve listened, often fascinated, to stories of war, family history and distant travels. I’ve helped out with technology and we’ve shared innumerable cups of tea. Despite the difference in years we’ve discovered plenty in common. There’s been lots of laughs and I know Sarah really appreciates our time together. I also cherish the visits. I’m often surrounded by rambunctious young children and the busyness of life, so for me our time together is a personal oasis of calm.

Visiting service - Age Concern

It’s often said that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. Sometimes I’m not sure who is really giving here but one thing’s for sure – I’ve definitely been blessed in my time volunteering for Age Concern. It’s been a very pleasant journey.

*Not her real name

More information on the Age Concern website:

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