Photography – 3 Simple Tips

Want to make your images stand out? Below are some ideas which I hope will help.

There are many ingredients that make a successful image but, first up, the image should have a clear intent. We’ve all seen photos that are a little boring, and often this is due to the photographer not being clear about the purpose of the photo. Let’s look at this unusual image:

Eyelash at one year old.

The intent is to display the shape and texture of a toddler’s eyelash. Not to mention how disproportionately long they are! Beyond that, the intention is to document details of a rapidly developing little person.

So, tip 1 is – ‘Ensure your image has a clear intent’.

Tip 2 – Try to keep your photograph simple. In this image of traditional Cook Island dancers, the perfectly coordinated movements caught my attention. However I didn’t want a background of plastic chairs and tables. 

Polynesian Dancers

All it took was for me to reposition myself to ensure a minimalist background. This allows the viewer to completely focus on my photograph’s intent – the poise, colours and movement of the dancers.

Tip 2 is – ‘Keep your image simple’.

Finally, keep an eye out for beautiful lighting. This is usually at the beginning and end of each day, which photographers often label ‘The Golden Hour’. Of course, this often comes at the sacrifice of having to drag yourself out of bed early! But the rewards are worth it. In this image of the Awatere Valley, the early morning light makes for a much nicer image than if the valley had been photographed in the middle of the day. So, the final tip is – ‘Consider photographing in the early morning or evening light’.

Early morning light in the Awatere Valley

There are many other components that make for good photography but I’d mention one other point – you don’t need a flash camera. Using the camera in a smartphone in conjunction with the above tips will see an increase in photos you’re proud to show your friends.

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